Hello it is PrestigedIdiot or formerly known as Topgunner112, and I joined in 2013. I feel I can help this server improve specifically its factions game mode. I have played my fair share of faction servers. I played treasure wars, cosmicpvp, and even the archon. Each one of them has had their own good qualities and bad qualities. Now I know Delphi is still in beta, but that is specifically why I chose to speak out now. I have had a few ideas to share with this server, like a warzone and or a place that is claimed by the server for a certain area and no one can customize. A warzone is always a nice place to have, for pvp and another access point to the wilderness. Some servers like to add chests with custom loot/ores and what not. I feel if we add this it would add more pvp and more grudges between factions. Which would lead to more raiding, and you all know that I believe factions isn't factions without raiding/pvp. When I am writing this it is right after the debate between Toxicminibro and DefectiveFern. I personally disagree with both of these fine people on the topic of a peaceful base which means un-raidable, but the fact is that if you are joining a FACTIONS SERVER then you are going to want to play factions and factions is a series of war in minecraft, a war of raiding, griefing, insiding, tnt cannoning, pvp, and definitely protecting your base with walls. Which again I personally believe is a must in factions.

Another thing the server could add is a shop. A shop where you can both buy/sell your items. A shop is more or less in every factions server. I can tell you the price of sugar cane for every faction server that I have played on to sell, Cosmicpvps - $3.12, Treasure Wars - $1.56, and last but not least Archon - $7.80. That right their is just selling and buying is typically about doubled or a quarter more then to sell it, obviously there is /ah where you can buy player auctions for a bit cheaper. That is one of the few starting ways to save up money to potentially buy a spawner and such. A shop would not only make it easier to progress but could keep the economy of such items at a maximum of what they are listed in the shop. Which would keep the economy stable while players can control its ups and downs. A shop making players progress faster would actually make it harder, because while you are progressing fast while everyone else is too, and you have to stay active in order to keep up with everyone else, also it would make people want to join each others faction. Because you can not go onto a server like cosmic and survive with a faction of 1. I am not trying to insult this server but in fact help it. I hope that you have read this far and have enjoyed it aswell as will use some of my ideas for this server, I do have a few more ideas for this server that I will possibly make in a different post.

-Sincerely PrestigedIdiot