Delphicraft - The Potato Edition

Experience Delphi the Way it was Meant to Be!

This holiday season, we're going all the way back to a simpler, happier time.  A time when Delphicraft was young and innocent, all permissions were broken, everyone could be op, the CPU was literally a potato.  Bring it all back home again with Delphicraft - The Potato Edition! 

On Minecraft at play.Delphicraft.net

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Obzidi4n   published Delphicraft - The Potato Edition on Top News
Obzidi4nIf you ever dreamed about returning to the halcyon days of Delphi 1.0, join us for Delphicraft: The Potato Edition on minecraft at play.delphicraft.net.
Obzidi4nwe're baaaacckkk....
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greenday1600   created a new thread Having issues connecting to the server in the General Discussion forum
[SCM] GingerDeNinja tagtag:p
Obzidi4nDue to popular demand .. mcMMO is back!
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Obzidi4nAnnouncement: Autoranks are now up and running! In order to get everyone on the same path, we will be resetting ranks 9pm ET on Saturday (TODAY).

For all our Beta Testers: Your $$ account balances will remain intact, but your playing times will be set to 7 HOURS. Once you log in you should quickly rank back up, as long as you have the required $$$ for each rank.

THIS MAY IMPACT INVENTORIES IN YOUR BACKBACKS. As this is a Beta test, we make no guarantees as to what may happen. Be sure to move your /bp inventories to a chest before the re-ranking.

Thank you!

Obzidi4nDown for about 15 minutes .. upgrading :)
Obzidi4n   ewevewv
[Builder] TheGSprite   Obz!!!!!!
ShadyVADERIs anyone else getting the bug on the website where the forums are entirely white and you cannot read anything without highlighting it?
Obzidi4n   Yep, will fix the CSS.
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