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1.8 Has Launched!

ev5501 a posted Oct 14, 14
Hey All!

Most of you have heard that 1.8 has LAUNCHED! If you set up a transfer chest on 1.7 you can access it at /warp chests. Delphi Subscribers you have NEW features! You can find them at /warp vip. 

Because we are SOOO excited we have a 10% off coupon you can use in the online store! Use the code delphi5 at checkout. Coupon expires October 20th. This can not be applied to recurring items.

With the launch of Delphi 5 we have a few new things! /warp skyzone is one of them. Skyzone is a giant trampoline! We are also revamping our events. New events will be starting on Monday October 20th. We will also be adding items to the online store. Make sure to watch it. -,-

Thanks For Being Awesome!
-The Delphi Team
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